Review - Top 10 Bi Dating Sites of 2018

Dating bisexual, bi-curious and couples can be a difficult thing to do. There is now an acceptance of bisexuality in the society, and we are providing the best information about bisexual dating sites that can help you find your partner and make an understandable relationship between you and your partner. Do not hesitate or shy, there are people who will not agree with your concepts about bisexuality. All in this entire platform will help you achieve your partner for sure.

From long and detailed sign-up processes to short and sweet, mainstream sites such as and Bi3some are also likely to give you the most bang for your buck. Although monthly subscriptions tend to run a little high, paying for multiple months at once (the cost is divided, thus easier to manage) makes getting access to top-tier features and dating content well worth it.

Editor's Choice

Bicupid Review
#1 Bicupid
At least for the time being, Bicupid is the gold standard when it comes to gay dating, boasting over 6 million users and the classic geotargeting function that changed online dating for singles across the world.

Editor's Choice

Bi3some Review
One of the best known and popular online dating sites for bisexuals as well as the incurious, bi people meet promises to be an effective and easy to use experience for its members.

Editor's Choice

eHarmony Review
#3 eHarmony

Geared for singles looking to get serious, uses a thorough matching algorithm to get members started. Once in, this site provides insight into both you and your desired date.

Editor's Choice

EliteSingles Review
#4 EliteSingles
Discover why Elite Singles is a go-to source for young professionals looking for something genuine.

Editor's Choice

OKCupid Review
#5 OKCupid

Simple and easy to use, is an industry leader in online dating. More than just a meeting platform, it also helps make matches by letting members create detailed profiles.

Matchmaker Review
#6 Matchmaker

One of the easiest sites to join, is perhaps the fastest way to start mingling with others of all interest levels. Because there’s no questionnaire, you are your own matchmaker…

First Met Review
#07 First Met

When it comes to indicating to others and to the dating site’s API what interests you have, First Met takes an approach more commonly seen on social networks such as Facebook. Review

If you truly can't stand the idea of dating anything less than the world's most beautiful people, this site is for you. However, you'll have to be gorgeous yourself to gain entrance...

It's Just Lunch Review
#09 It's Just Lunch

Designed for professionals, is a service that provides personal consultation and custom matching plans. Though casual, the lunch date premise is a fun test of chemistry

DateHookup Review
#10 DateHookup
DateHookup is essentially a portal to other online dating sites that gets you started with the registration process and then directs you to one of many partner sites to fully register on.

How Online Dating Works

For the most part, online dating can be broken down into three parts: signing up, creating a profile, and interacting with other members. Depending on the site or app you’re looking into, the first two parts may take more or less time, but it’s important to note that the more accurately you answer the questionnaires and the more care you put into creating a profile that reflects who you are, the better chances you have of being matched with someone worth your while. When it comes to interacting, it can be as simple as sending someone a casual 'wink' or liking their photo, or you can send them a more detail message if you feel drawn to do so. Each site will have unique features to offer, all of which we’ve reviewed in detailed for you..

While most sites require payment to access their full roster of features, we recommend starting with a free account. This way, you’ll get a taste for the service without committing to a monthly plan right off the bat.

How To Get Started

Wondering how to start dating online? How do you choose an online dating site that’s right for you? Although starting out can seem rather overwhelming and potentially awkward at first, with a little guidance and patience, jumping head first into the digital dating world is well worth the effort. Whether you prefer the on-the-go convenience of apps like Tinder, or the niche corners of the net like MillionaireMate or BBWCupid, finding the one has never been more fun or accessible. We sifted through the good, the bad and the downright naughty to find the best sites and apps to find a match, so you can jump right in rather than wade around the surface fishing for a decent date.

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